Thursday, September 11, 2014

15 Movies That Will Always Stay With Me

1. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

- Why? because Johnny Depp was in it. But seriously, because it was a very good story about somebody being different from everyone else.
- Most memorable scene: that part where [Winona Ryder] was under the ice flakes from Edward's ice sculpture
- How the movie influenced me: the song With These Hands by Tom Jones became my personal anthem:

2. My Girl (1991)

- Most memorable scene : when Vada broke down seeing Thomas' dead body, saying "Where's his glasses? He needs his glasses!"
- How the movie influenced me : I began to like the music of the 1960's.
- Lesson: Don't mess with beehives.

3. The Godfather (Trilogy: 1972, 1974, 1990)

Why? And why not? This is one of the finest movies of all time. The trilogy features Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, and the great Al Pacino.
Most memorable scene: That part where Don Veto Corleone (Marlon Brando) was crying over the death of his son.

4. Annie (1982)

Why? Because it was the first musical I've seen. And I just love Carol Burnett.
Most memorable scene : Annie's excitement as they entered the Radio City Music Hall to see a movie.
How the movie influenced me : It made me want to be alive and bubbly all the time, and suddenly burst into a song in the middle of a conversation.

5. A League of Their Own (1992)

Why? Because any sports enthusiast like me can relate to the scary feeling during the last crucial minutes of a game.
Most memorable scene : the last part, where the real life All American Girls Professional Baseball League alumni, all elderly, played in the field, it was so emotional and nostalgic to me.
How the movie influenced me: it introduced me to Carole King's Now and Forever, which became one of my favorite songs of all time.

6. Schindler's List (1993)

Why?  Because it opened my eyes to the horror that was the Holocaust during WWII.
Most memorable scene : the final scene where the Jewish survivors gathered to thank Oskar Schindler, it made my eyes swell.
How the movie influenced me : I began to read more about history.

7. The English Patient (1996)

Why? Because it's a very well-crafted film about love during a chaotic time. The story-telling is excellent.
Most memorable scene: The part where [Ralph Fiennes] was carrying the dead body of [Kristin Scott Thomas] from the cave.

8. The Hours (2002)

Why? Because the music by Philip Glass was so depressing yet beautiful, it actually added life to the breakdown scenes for Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore.
Most memorable scene : that part where the little boy was trying to run to catch up as his mother went away in a taxi.

9. Kill Bill 1 & 2 (2003, 2004)

Why? Because it could be the best example of revenge, and of ending an "unfinished business". And hey, it's a Quentin Tarantino film.
Most memorable scene: that scene at the Japanese restaurant where [Uma Thurman] sliced every appendage of Oren Ishii's army like she was slicing watermelons, it was crazy and ridiculous but awesome.
How the movie influenced me : I mastered the art of the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, and I will use it against my enemies someday.

10. Life Of Pi (2012)

Why? Because it's a different take on a ship incident, with incredible cinematography, effects, music, script, and the rest of the package.
Most memorable scene : that part where Pi and the tiger were staring into each other's eyes,  both knowing how helpless and hopeless they have become.
How it influenced me : It gave me a deeper sense of understanding about my faith and existence. And no sir, you can't make me ride a ship with wild animals in it,  no no no.

11. Ghost (1990)

Why? Because, I mean, come on! You got Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore at their sexiest, doing that pottery thing, then making love while Unchained Melody plays on the jukebox. And Whoopi Goldberg was simply at her best.
Most memorable scene : That part where Oda Mae Brown signed the wrong name when she closed her bank account.
Lessons: 1. Don't take what's not yours; 2. You can't take money to your grave; and 3. Your dead grandma could be watching you right now.

12. Life Is Beautiful (1997)

Why? Because it was insanely funny with Roberto Benigni's antics, for the first half, at least, then emotionally disturbing onwards, and enlightening at the end.
Most memorable scene: That part where Guido sneaked to play the song Barcarolle over loud speakers as a form of communication with his wife.
How it influenced me: Buongiorno Principessa became one of my favorite songs from a film.

13. Babe, and Babe: Pig In The City (1995, 1998)

Why? Because Babe is the most adorable pig there has ever been on film (well, that is if we are not thinking of Miss Piggy or Wilbur (from Charlotte's Web). He is naive, gentle,  honest, and he has the kindest heart.
Most memorable scene : that part where Babe was running from the bull terrier in slow motion while The Humming Chorus from Madame Butterfly was playing as background music.
Lesson: Be kind, not because you have to, but because you are.

14. The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

Why? Because it perfectly shows the personalities of each character in this beautiful story about a dysfunctional family. Very good story-telling technique.
Most memorable scene: That part where Richie tried to kill himself.

15. The Sound of Music (1965)

Why? Because this movie became the basic foundation of my knowledge in music.
Most memorable scene: That lively part where Maria and the children were having fun as they visited places in and around Austria, while singing Do-re-mi.

John Emmanuel T. Manalo, MD

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Common Mistakes We Make When Using English Words

Once in a while, I encounter friends who use certain words that make me wish I didn't hear them. I am no English major, and I admit I've had my share of blurting out awkwardly constructed sentences.

I could be wrong, but I just want to get this out of my chest. I don't claim to be an authority regarding this, therefore you don't have to follow or believe everything that I will say. It is best for you to conduct your own readings, just to be sure.

Anyway, here is a short list of words/phrases that I have noticed to be commonly used erroneously:

1. Irregardless.

     Technically, there is no such word. But some dictionaries recognize its existence in a regretful tone. Knowing that the prefix "ir-" negates the suffix "-less", I prefer to use "regardless", because the said prefix has no purpose.

2. Cope up.

     Please don't use this, it's very annoying. Instead, just say "cope", or perhaps you mean to say "keep up".


* I use a strict time table of activities in order to cope with my busy schedule.

* You are a faster runner, I think I cannot keep up with your pace.

3. Taken cared of.

This is wrong, but usually goes unnoticed, that even some journalists commit the mistake of using it. It's easy if you use the present or future tense:

I will take care of you.
In the office, he takes care of the financial matters.
He is taking care of his grandfather.

But trouble arises when subject and predicate are switched:

The water bills are being taken cared of by my sister. [wrong! ]

These are correct:

The water bills are being taken care of by my sister.
You will be taken care of by me.
The financial matters are taken care of by the treasurer.
Don't worry about the laundry. It's already taken care of.

4. Everytime.

Most if not all dictionaries do not recognize the word "everytime". Therefore, the correct way is to separate the two words, "every time". However, many people have been using the combined form even in the titles of songs. And since the English language is always evolving, it is not unlikely that "everytime" will soon be formally accepted. But for the time being, I prefer to use "every time".

5. _____-in-laws. 

The plural form of daughter-in-law is daughters-in-law, not daughter-in-laws. Because you just convert the main noun to its plural form, and leave the prepositional phrase as is. But if you only use in-law, then the plural form is in-laws.

6. Despite of.

I die a little every time I hear this. If you use "despite", there is no need to add "of". Perhaps you are meaning to say "in spite of", which is basically the same. (And oh, by the way, notice how "in spite" is written as two separate words, not one, because the word "inspite" does not appear in dictionaries)


Bobby finished his task on time, in spite of many distractions he was facing.
Bobby finished his task on time, despite the distractions he was facing.

[Thanks to Ranier Icasiano for suggesting this.]

7. Thanks God!

If you are talking to God, this is okay.  But it gets better if it is written with a comma: "Thanks,  God!".

But if you are using it as an expression, or if you are talking to another person,  drop the s and get rid of the comma, or keep the s and add "to".

Thanks to my friends for helping me out.

Thank God this is finished!

[Thanks, Giji Hagenmuller, for suggesting this.]

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